Aluminum sloops are undisputed lightweights. To build a steel sloop equally as strong as the Alumax-model, you would be required to use three times as much building material. Despite the shallow draft of these lightweight aluminum sloops, they have excellent sailing characteristics and they’re incredibly stable.
In the winter our aluminum tenders can safely remain in the water and even freeze if necessary. Aluminum is alsno resistant to burglary and vandalism. Loading and transporting the boat is also an easy and safe task due to the modest weight.

Each boat that leaves the Alumax workshop is welded. The installation and finishing are pure manually done. A hundred percent dutch excellence. And we are proud of that. In the proces of developing and designing the sloops we like to work together with dutch professionals who are often operating from the same reagion. Short lines and direct contact is what characterizes our company.
The customer has direct contact with the builder. The same original construction of aluminum and arrangement, leaves a lot of room for the wishes and ideas of the client. Not a single model is standardly delivered. The production is flexible, allowing us to provide customized products for each client. Often new models are born from the collaboration between Alumax and our clients.

Aluminum sloops contribute to a better environment, on the water but also on land. An Alumax boat will never be found on the dump, it is completely re- usable. Melting down an aluminum hull of a boat costs a fraction on the energy that is used to build it.
The aluminum tenders are particularly suitable for sailing on a durable electric motor. Our sloops are guaranteed to provide 16 hours of quiet and relaxing sailing pleasure without having to recharge. Alumax sloops are self-draining, without pump.